A film says more than 1.000 pictures - Full CGI Animation

Fritz Winter Eisengie├čerei is one of the world’s leading independent foundries. With the highest quality and innovative production technologies, it sets standards throughout the industry.

For the introduction of the new brand ecoCasting, the essential advantages of the new casting technology presented here were to be impressively staged in an animation. However, the secret production methods were not to be revealed.

For this reason, our solution was to stage a cylinder block as the central motif. The essential facts that distinguish this product were to be used as additional text information to get to the heart of the statement. A film is multimedia and therefore offers a particularly intense experience. The amazing thing about this is that the apparently more complex medium can be used to simplify the task through creative conception. Some call this Simplexity.

Animations, as shown here, can be created in high quality and economically attractive using the available 3D data. The trick is to complement the visual experience with clever imagery and specifically placed information. The whole thing is rounded off with skilful sound design and impressive background music.

Actually, it is quite simple. The only thing it needs is a creative team, skills and a lot of experience. We are happy to be of service.


Do you still take pictures or are you already visualizing?
Photorealistic Full-CGI Environments for IKEA

IKEA is not only one of the largest and most innovative furniture stores in the world. IKEA is also a pioneer in product presentation. This is because the majority of image creation for the furniture group’s advertising material has been realised with CGI for years. IKEA takes a consistent approach to this: All products, objects and the rooms are available as 3D data including textures and shaders. Thus the entire product staging can be carried out completely in full CGI. Photographs are only used for the view out of the window.

Admittedly, it was already a special honour for us that a big player like IKEA commissioned us to create photo-realistic product visualisations in Full-CGI. It was not supposed to be a few renderings, but over 10,000 motifs, which were to be produced within only 3 months!
Not everybody can do that and that’s why this is something we are especially proud of – because we can. Boost capacities at short notice, activate our partner network and we can go full steam ahead. Flexibility is one of our superpowers!

5.194.730 MB processing data
1.603 new motifs created
10.342 renderings produced
3 months production time


Agency: echolot GROUP

The digital twin
Real-time visualization for interactive applications in mechanical engineering

To present customers with large, complex high-tech milling machines is a challenge. For a presentation at a trade fair, a machine must be produced, assembled, tested, dismantled, packed, shipped and installed at the trade fair stand. An enormous logistical achievement. Although an impressive machine will be on site, it will only be available in one configuration.

Gebr. Heller Maschinenfabrik GmbH regularly faces this challenge. Together with the echolot GROUP we accepted this challenge and mastered it.

Instead of the real machine, a digital twin should be presented as a virtual 1:1 image on a gigantic cube. This was a 4x4x3m cube of screens. To realize this idea, we showed an interactive application of the milling machine on the cube. While talking to the visitors of the fair, the sales staff controlled single information points, took off the virtual machine cover and started animations. This made functions that were difficult to explain visible and thus easy to communicate. In contrast to classic CGI productions, the images are generated in real time by a gaming PC. This gaming PC has enough computing power for a high-performance presentation of the application.

This enables Heller to present its machines impressively at trade fairs without the machines actually being on the premises. In addition, every customer can be shown exactly the machine functions he is interested in. And because of the „look inside the machine“ even much more vividly than on the original.